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Imagine you were helping your nine year old structure a five-year diary of her future. Suppose you both decided to allot each week to a question or topic, which your nine year old could keep on adding to any time in the next 5 years. 250 lines of inquiry to her future. What 5 menus of themes might we choose? And what menu topics?

I am asking people who feel they have one theme to edit it in this timeless blog as little or as much as they like. Currently, I am hoping that these topics will classify into these 5 arenas of development from 9 to 13 or another I haven't yet understood as a parent of ninenow. Can you help with co-editing of the 250 topics?
*1 How to be self-confident about what you experience, explore or do deep; how this connects with where you choose to spend you and your friends time
*2 How to be your own media, use networks to find your best mentors through life and ask others likewise, value asking the next big question (informing curiosity) as much as someone else’s facts
*3 How to observe what future is happening here ahead of anywhere else; how to connect ideas and peoples before we box them as specialisms; how to keep our teachers as young and fun as they were they first decided to be teachers for life

*4 How to see people’s emotional waves including our own; how to host meetings and conversations; how to ask everyone to join in making a map of what connected ideas we heard not just verbally neat notes; how to ask the richest people you and your friends know to help you take responsibility for something youth cares about; how to ask what leaders do and how true heroes found their own beliefs while they were young
*5 How to tell each other’s stories in new ways whilst loving those who keep living the greatest ideas from the history of earth, woman, man or god; how to look for the best in everyone’s else’s habitats; how to be known by lots of people as true and fair however messy conflicts and responsibilities like how to spend money can be; how to understand risks but find another way to find people help you try, try and try again as you all collaborate in making the most of spending your lifetimes


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