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1.1 My Sport (currently swimming for this nine year old)

My dad suggested this section of the diary started with a go at the following questions

what work did I have to do to become as good as anyine of my age and in my town at this sport?

Did I enjoy being confident that I could be as good as anyone at something?

What else might I want to try next to be as good at?

What other questions would be more fun to write some answers while I am 9 to 13 and about swimming?

Some further notes from dads on what sport does not to addict children to:
  • tv spectator hero worship of celebrities unless they understand the commitment of University of The Stars - Go Tiger Go

  • Spending more public broadcaster time or money on sports than the social-entrepreneur olympics - Go Scots Go; let's tear down the BBC unless it lives up to the world service that public braodacasting greatest resourced player could be
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