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music, culture, learning from birhday's like Mozart's

Adults (talking like the worst of kids squabbling) are debating with America's premier public tv program came up with one of its greatest interview subjects Anthony Hopkins

Here's the thread where you can put in your 5 cents worth

Here's what I added today. Somehow this needs to be turned into a diary report which nine year olds can converse round?

If on this birthday you click google's logo (today only) you will be guided around Mozart. BUT how many of the links enable you to learn even one idea that eg you as a parent might adopt if you want your child to be nurtured artistically, culturally, in ways that knit community that cheerleads people where they live out and connect their lives? Perhaps if you find a link or such a clue you could paste it in this thread, or if you converse with any of te owners/hosts of all the Moxart bookmarks, you could ask them to drop by here if they do have one clue to contribute.

(I guess I will need to add music/culture to the 250 conversations I want to have with my nine year old's 5 year diary and across all peers and parents of being nine at this most chaotic of fast chnaing times to live)


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