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I have a credo you haven't lived if you haven't experienced open space once. It would be interesting to know:
what your haven't lived credo is

and if we believe it, why we don't advocate that all etacgers experience it and enable children to experience it at the first appropriate time

here's more on where open space can go to; originally the methoid focused on the world's biggest conflict issues, one space at a time; for that it needs the epople who come to give up 3 days uninterrupted time in celebrating listening poiwer of and with each other

I believe (know from very rehersal so far ) that a 10 year old can be intoruduced to a 1-day open space and from that moment on lunch hours, after-school activities need never be the same again

here's a bit more on where this evolution can go to; it needs editing as its part of a live conversation May 2006

Lunch for learning.
At a corporation like google or a school or children and family-caring community near you...

I am convinced -from one hour collaboration cafe formats we have trialled - this is a huge opportunity but only if we move up a level from open space and across to other structures

You (the 1500+ alumni of open space at OSlieste-serve) know more than me but 3 sub-system interfaces that fascinate me about open space are :
the invitation phase- will the people who come be the most passionate people about one specific context resolution?

the open space itself, which doesnt rush to answers nor to individual ownership since the innovation values are in the interaction web of flows

the interface after the open phase back to projects in the ordinary world's environments
hold those 3 interfaces and think of people in an organsiational structure:

they have 2 more ways to space and network; that inside the organsiation , and that they care about as bumping into social or communal needs outside

now suppose any person who wishes to is empowered by an organisation to nominate an issue they care passionately about exploring that is in some way related to work but potentially very laterally; will thye whole of the organisation network that person's inviation to a lunch circle in a way that the 10 people who mst passionately want to explore that issue turn uo at the same circle

where I have used the word organisation, it could be any association or network you belong to (most exciting of all are yout hubs becasue these chnage schooling forever and essentially multiply a network of montesorri type learning and co-mentoring circles until a teacher is liberated from examination books)

but the organisational structure is: do leaders or whomever's budget of resources and rulemaking open up the cultural roghts of the structure so that everyone is encouarged to buy into zeroising degrees of separation ar0und lunchtime invitation circles; there are for example half-way check points; the leader's pa could review topics before giving them the zero degree of separation approval to be an invitation post that goes to everyone
chris macrae wcbn007@easynet.co.uk

ps anyone around here know Bill Drayton of www.ashoka.org and www.youthventure.org - I have an odd feeling that the 2 most revolutionary people for humanity's common sense within 15 miles of the white house have been netowrking for 30 years without connecting with each other? Love to be wrong of course!

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