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Having co-authored one of the books that started the genre of learning networks back in 1984, I would say tghis book and web are an interesting current resource that need to influence how we see the future of oiur children's education and development

LEARNING Networks & Open Mentors: History's newest revolution:1974-1984-2004-2024Sample Eight main beliefs of one of most inspiring books around in 2004:

  • 1. The world is hurtling through a fundamental turning point in history.
  • 2. We are living through a revolution that is changing the way we live, communicate, think and prosper.
  • 3. This revolution will determine how, and if, we and our children work, earn a living and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • 4. For the first time in history, almost anything is now possible.
  • 5. Probably not more than one person in five knows how to benefit fully from the hurricane of change - even in developed countries.
  • 6. Unless we find answers, an elite 20 percent could end up with 60 percent of each nation's income, the poorest fifth with only 2 percent.1 That is a formula for guaranteed poverty, school failure, crime, drugs, despair, violence and social eruption.
  • 7. We need a parallel revolution in lifelong learning to match the information revolution, and for all to share the fruits of an age of potential plenty.
  • 8. Fortunately, that revolution - a revolution that can help each of us learn anything much faster and better - is also gathering speed.


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